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Luxury Home Builders vs. Production Home Builders: What’s the Difference?


Hiring the right type of home builder for your project is key to ensuring you get a home that perfectly matches your needs, preferences, and budget.

Among the first questions to think about when you‘re planning your new residence is whether to hire a production builder or a luxury home builder. Both are terrific options and can deliver quality homes. A large part of your decision, however, will rely on the choices you want to make, as well as how involved you want to be during the construction process. 

Here, we give you some valuable insight into the key differences between a production home builder and a luxury home builder.



Knowing the key differences between production and luxury home builders gives you a bigger picture of the types of service each one provides, and how they fit your goals.

Generally speaking, production home builders are large companies that build homes from a range of pre-existing designs. They construct homes in large quantities and allow certain alterations or modifications for additional fees. With a production home builder, you can purchase home and land at a packaged price, with different price ranges and upgrade options.

Luxury home builders, on the other hand, offer a greater degree of flexible, specialized services. They’re typically smaller companies that handle fewer projects, allowing them to offer a more refined and integrated process for clients. Luxury home builders can create one-of-a-kind custom homes with first-rate materials and finishes specifically catered to each client’s preferences.


Production home builders typically provide base package prices and have a list of fees that cover any additional items. Keep in mind that basic packages offered by production home builders might not include some items like floors, air conditioning, and driveways, which you’ll need to add to the total cost.

It’s a common misconception that luxury home builders are more expensive than production home builders, but that’s not always the case. A luxury home builder will quote every project individually based on the client’s budget, requirements, and specifications, which gives them more control in designing and building a home to suit every client’s needs while keeping budgetary restrictions in mind. 


Production home builders use a limited set of preexisting designs and layouts to create homes, which allows for minimal changes, often involving extra costs. This is an ideal choice for clients who don’t want to bother customizing their homes and are already satisfied with preexisting designs.

A luxury home builder is a better choice for clients who want more control over the finished product. They’ll work together with clients to design a home according to their vision and specifications. With a luxury home builder, you get more opportunities to choose exactly what you want, allowing you to get the dream home you’ve always envisioned.

Project timelines

Production builders can build homes faster since they follow a template and use already established processes, resulting in quicker construction and move-in times.

 Luxury custom builds generally take longer to complete since every design is unique and more time is spent on the conceptualization, design, and planning stages.


Production home builders typically use a standard set of materials and construction methods. While production homes are built according to industry standards, the level of quality varies from builder to builder.

A luxury home builder gives clients more control over what type of materials they want, allowing them to prioritize quality. Custom luxury homes often have more premium materials and are built with a high level of craftsmanship.


Production homes are often part of larger developments and in locations predetermined by the builder. Many production homes can be found within suburban or planned communities. 

Custom luxury home builders allow more flexibility in terms of location, as clients can select land for their build. 

When you work with Layne Kelly Homes, you’ll have your choice of premier homesites in some of Houston’s most coveted communities. Learn more about our home selection service and integrated process here.



Luxury custom home builders are true visionaries who are fully dedicated to designing beautiful, functional spaces tailor-made to each client’s specifications. They use creativity, expertise, innovative solutions, and cutting-edge techniques to craft distinctive designs.

With a luxury custom home build, you can be involved as much or as little as you like. The flexibility you get when you work with a luxury home builder is one of the biggest appeals for many people.

Below are some of the benefits you can get when you work with a luxury home builder in Houston.

A luxury home that meets your style, preferences, and budget

Among the greatest appeals of hiring a luxury home builder is getting more freedom to craft a home according to your vision.

Where production home builders deliver minor alterations on existing builds, luxury custom home builders work with a blank canvas. As the client, you have more control over developing a design that matches your personal style, your preferences, and your lifestyle.

A luxury home builder will take time to understand exactly what you’re looking for in a home and will bring your ideas together to create a cohesive design. They have a wealth of experience with integrating unique features, know how to identify and solve potential issues, and are adept at working within restrictions. 

With Layne Kelly Homes, clients get access to premier homesites in some of Houston’s most prestigious communities. The team will also assist you in locating a homesite that matches your needs, taking into account major factors such as location, size, traffic patterns, and school districts.

No need to compromise on quality

Production home builders typically use a standard selection of fittings and materials to help reduce costs. This allows them to order items in bulk to get them at a lower price, which is mainly due to the large scale of their operations. While it’s true that these savings translate to lower costs for clients, they limit personalization and diminish the home’s uniqueness.

Some builders charge variation fees for upgrades and modifications to their standard inclusions. Although this gives you more options when choosing materials and finishes, you’ll also need to spend more if you’re trying to achieve a more personalized look and feel for your build.

On the other hand, with a luxury home builder, you have more flexibility to choose any specific materials and finishes you want. Luxury custom builds have no baseline design, so any changes and upgrades you request will not be considered variations, at least before construction starts. The build can be developed completely around your specifications. 

Additionally, while most luxury home builders have in-house teams, they’re more than happy to get in touch with other specialists if necessary. If you’d like to use a unique or unconventional material, for example, a luxury home builder will work together with an experienced professional who knows how to work with that type of material.

A truly bespoke residence

Custom builds from luxury home builders are designed to match a client’s unique needs. You’ll get more control over the number and size of your rooms and the flow of your living spaces. You can also request additional architectural features, whether to improve functionality, enhance visual appeal, or both.

With a luxury custom home build, you get an opportunity to incorporate even the smallest of details. Luxury living goes beyond owning a showpiece property equipped with high-end features. It’s those small and simple touches in a home that give it that extra layer of sophistication, which is achievable when you work with a luxury home builder.

Seamless transition from design to build

Luxury home builders typically have a close-knit team of professionals involved in every build, with every member specializing in a particular area. As a client, you’ll know who’s working on every stage of your build, so you know exactly who to get in touch with in case you have suggestions or concerns. 

A luxury home builder has a dedicated design team who will help you take your ideas to vision to reality. This gives you a truly end-to-end service, all the way from the initial concept phase to completion. And because you’re working with only one company, you can count on a smoother, more seamless process, with less risk of unexpected problems.

Knowing your builder has an integrated process is highly important especially once construction starts, as you know you can consult the design team if any issues arise. And because they are already familiar with how the builders work, they’ll provide all required information upfront. 

To improve the overall build experience, most luxury builders provide a single point of contact for clients. So while several specialists might be involved at different stages of the process, you’ll have a direct channel to your contact should you have any questions or concerns. 

As the #1 luxury home builder in Houston, Layne Kelly Homes uses a fully integrated process combining architecture, interior design, and construction management. Our streamlined process is managed by a single team of talented professionals, all under one roof. When you work with us, you’ll have seasoned experts at your side as you navigate every stage of the build process, helping you create a bespoke, one-of-a-kind luxury home perfect for your lifestyle.

For more information on our integrated process, head to this page.

Project management expertise

Construction timeframes are often subjective and depend largely on the complexity of a particular home build.

Production home builders build homes that are similar to their previous projects. Changes are minimal with every build, which results in faster building times. But because they construct a higher volume of homes, any unexpected issues or changes in approvals can cause significant delays, since certain homes might be deprioritized to expedite other projects.

With a luxury home builder, each build is different from the last. Superior craftsmanship and custom materials are used for every home, resulting in longer build times. Custom projects, however, offer a higher level of transparency since they’re overseen more directly by the team. Any issues that arise are addressed more promptly, which minimizes potential delays and leads to a smoother and more well-coordinated process.

Better sustainability and energy efficiency 

Are sustainability and energy efficiency important to you? A luxury home builder will be more than happy to make these the core elements of your build. Most luxury builders offer a range of green options, from more energy-efficient designs, optimizing your home’s orientation, using reclaimed or sustainably sourced materials, to fitting rooftop solar systems. 

By incorporating various strategies and techniques, luxury home builders can create stylish properties that exude sophistication and individuality, while also prioritizing long-term sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Exceptional quality assurance

Luxury home builders put a premium on ensuring the quality of every home they construct, which is often backed by warranties and guarantees that provide peace of mind for clients.

The warranties offered by luxury home builders cover various elements of construction such as materials, workmanship, and structural elements. With this, homeowners get the utmost confidence in the durability and longevity of their new home.

Continuous innovation

Luxury home builders are constantly seeking ways to improve their existing processes. They stay updated on the latest trends and innovations in construction technology, building techniques, and materials, and are always looking to integrate the most advanced solutions into every project.

They’re always on the lookout for anything that can improve the overall living experience for homeowners, whether through cutting-edge energy management systems, integration of smart home features, or any advancements that address the increasing demand for modern, connected living spaces.

In addition, luxury home builders actively seek feedback from their clients. Through understanding their experiences, they’re able to refine their processes further and address needs and preferences better. Client satisfaction plays a key role in their continuous improvement, so any insights gained from every project ultimately contribute to their reputation and success as a company.


If you’re looking to hire the finest luxury home builder in Houston for your project, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more capable and skilled team of experts than Layne Kelly Homes.

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